Young Mambo

Another powerhouse French music label YounGunZ has generously given us a brand new tune to promote the debut EP "El Konquistador" from Lazy Flow. Feel that Latin heat France?

Lazy Flow - Mambo Fever (Radioclit Remix - Myd & Mo Laudi Rework)

- CouchFire

Chilly Gonzales Live @ Joe's Pub NYC

Dubbed the Barbra Streisand of piano-tainment, Gonzales is (y)our generation's sharp tongued, ivory stroking Superproducer with a rebellious penchant for minor keys. His "unfuckwithable" musical resume features productions for fellow Canadian darling, Feist, a sublime piano remake for Erol Alkan & Boys Noize, and a dually impressive Guinness World Record. At his now-world-renowned piano-talk-show, Gonzo flawlessly strolled through covers of The Eagles, The Police, The Beethoven, and even the strangely alluring Princes Superstar was on fucking point with her new single. Breaking only to regale the crowd with stories of childhood constipation and parental coupling, Gonzo took us on a veritable musical journey that smashed boundaries and had us grinning ear-to-ear. If you take away one thing from Gonzales' piano-talk-show its that no genre is safe from the white satin gloves of the underdog Jew-tainer extraordinaire. If you don't believe me download Chilly Gonzales' Pianist Envy Mixtape

- CouchFire

Romane EP

Bart B More's long awaited Romane EP has finally been released on Sound Pellegrino. With a slue of fresh-to-death remixes from some our favorite, errr... French producers Bart's Romane EP is sure to ignite fires in sweaty disco's the world over. Buy the whole release here.

Here is a preview of the Rubix Remix.

Bart B more - Romane (Rubix Gypsy Remix) by IamRubix

Renaissance Mix

Renaissance Man Feb 2010 USA Promo Mix
Download | Stream

Renaissance Man: Babbadabba – Made To Play
Siopis: Pesti Nasty – Ntrop
Kasper Bjorke: Alcatraz (ZDS RMX) Edit – CDR
M.In and Franksen: Drum of the beat – Souvenir
Cajmere: Percolator – Cajual
Crookers: Hold Up Your Hand (Renaissance Man Remix) – CDR
M.A.N.D.Y & Bookashade: Donut – Living The Dream
Solo: Afreaka (Renaissance Man Remix) – Deadfish
Claude VonStroke feat Bootsy Collins: The Greasy Beat (JPhlip Remix)
Round Table Knights Calypso EP Made To Play - OUT NOW!
Oliver $: I Hope – Made To Play
Jody Finch: Jack Your Big Booty – Let’s Pet Puppies

- CouchFire

Four Tet @ Le Poisson Rouge NYC (2/17/10)

"Throughout the ages, many men have claimed to have spoken to God. I find many, if not most, of these claims dubious, but clearly Kieran Hebden - aka Four Tet - has conversed with the divine. His show this past week at Le Poisson Rouge lived up to the glory that is his new album There Is Love In You, the set beginning and ending with its sublime debut track "Angel Echoes." This was my first Four Tet show so I wasn't sure what to expect, but it wasn't the meditative experience that makes up most of Rounds or Pause. While still including track breaks in the mix - which held the performance back from the dance ecstasy of a proper DJ, and I could have done without - Hebden took the audience for a tour through heavy, live remixed versions of some of his most club friendly material. Unfortunately this was, for the most part, lost on the shoe-gazing, IDM crowd that stood statuesque throughout the show. However this did not stop me, or those few others I want to thank personally, who rocked out as his set climaxed with the "As Serious As Your Life" a track that makes big claims, and backs them up."
- Code402b

Four Tet - Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)

Sound Pellegrino Blog

Massive news on the bloghaus front is brought to us by none other than Teki Latex. The French label chief, superstar DJ, and fashion visionary, in conjunction with the label's roster, has carved out a little slice of the blogopie. To commemorate this historic interwebz moment The Thermal Team are unleashing upon the world a top secret dub version of L-Vis 1990's United Groove. Join me as I extend a warm CouchHug for my favorite music label on the interblogs.

L-Vis 1990 - United Groove (Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team VIP Dub)

- CouchFire

Die Antwoord is die zefste shit ooit my blaar!

"Remember the first time someone touched your genitals? That’s what the internet is going through right now. ‘Cause Die Antwoord is dirty in every sense of the word. Their “next-level beats” are dirty. The Afrikaans lyrics? Dirty. Looking at that chick? Really, really… really dirty. And we wanted more. So then we find out they’re not poor like we thought. Why did we think that again? Cause they’re South African and they look kinda dangerous? Yeah. They’re rappers. They look dangerous. But we’re asking the wrong questions. More important: did we like it? Yes. We did. And for me, if I can get them to touch my genitals again (especially that blond chick)… well fuck y’all. I’m gonna."
- Ioncrash

Die Antwoord - Wat Pomp

Die Fukken Antwoord

South African rave/rap trio, Die Antwoord, have generated massive internetloads of interest and controversy over the past blogweek or so. The Die Antwoord intrigue touches on everything from Progeria to apartheid support. We'll have Ioncrash in here to make sense of it all. Or whatever.

- CouchFire